KEEPERsport Varan7 Game of Power - The Professional Goalkeeper Gloves

It is now the third collection in the Varan7 family. Not only does the goalkeeper game itself, but also the goalkeeper equipment continue to evolve. So do we, and that's why we always stay up to date. After the first two Varan7 collections, Gamechanger & Gamebreaker, it's time to unleash our energy on the field. Whether you're a professional or amateur goalkeeper, with the new Varan7 Game of Power, each of us becomes an insurmountable obstacle in the box!

Take a first look at the brand new goalkeeper gloves of the Game of Power collection:


How do the models differ from each other?

They are the highlights of this collection - the various silos and models:

But which model is right for me and how do the silos differ from each other? With over 20 years of expertise, we know exactly how individual each of us goalkeepers is with very specific wishes, needs, and suggestions. That's why our goal is to meet these needs and wishes with a variety of different silos. Each model differs from the others: be it the materials used, different cuts, or even the price point. The perfect goalkeeper glove depends on many components and is definitely not a universal product.

We break down our gloves into their individual parts and list all the pros and cons so that we can give you an ideal insight to enable you to take the step towards the perfect goalkeeper glove for you.

Professionals rely on Game of Power!

At KEEPERsport, about 40 employees work in several countries, and yet our products, and in particular our Varan7 goalkeeper gloves, are co-developed by several hundred people? How does that work?

It's simple: we rely on the feedback of every goalkeeper, whether professional, amateur, or hobby goalkeeper. Constructive feedback and feedback on our Varan7 models are the secret ingredient for the satisfaction of thousands of customers. We need it like the air we breathe, and that's why we seek daily exchange with our community and especially with our professionals. They are the ones who experience our goalkeeper gloves in practice every day and are therefore our most valuable source of feedback.

Who is behind our product development? Who are the KEEPERsport professionals anyway?

Here you get an overview of our Circle of Pros - click through!

Tobias Lawal

Linzer ASK

Mariella El Sherif

SK Sturm Graz

Lukas Gütlbauer

Wolfsberger AC

Hendrik Bonmann

Wolfsberger AC


The story of Varan7...

Above, we already explained "Who?" produces and co-develops our Varan7.

But now the questions arise "Why?" and "How?" our Varan7 goalkeeper gloves are produced.

Our mission has always been to offer every KEEPER, whether male or female, child or adult, professional or amateur, the best possible goalkeeper glove. The feeling of wearing the perfect goalkeeper glove is unforgettable. This feeling drives us every day.

Find out more here about the production of our Varan7 goalkeeper gloves and get to know our mission even better.

Pictures speak louder than words!

Do you want to get even more impressions of our new Game of Power collection?

Click through our picture world with numerous photos of our professionals and community members.

Game of Power in action!

Would you like to see our new Game of Power models in moving images?

From Hero NC to Challenge NC - here you get even closer insights from all silos!