Stronger grip during wet weather

The specially designed 4mm Aqua Claw makes the Varan7 Champ NC Aqua an unbeatable secret weapon in wet and rainy conditions. Even in the pouring rain, a ball won't slip through your fingers!


The silicone elements on the back of the hand and the Soft-Tech Body Material+ shine in a new look. The blue look also makes you look great on the field!


Brutal grip is of little use if the seat doesn't fit. The negative cut (NC) of the Varan7 Champ NC Aqua guarantees you a perfect grip and an extremely tight ball control, which is especially important in wet conditions!


More than thirty muscles are involved in the mobility and stability of your wrists. That's why we support you with the elastic, all-around loop. It provides the necessary support for  shots. In addition, the Latex Entry Help helps for easy slipping.

The Varan7 Champ NC Aqua has a new look!

Fight the rain and overcome wet weather conditions with the Varan7 Champ NC Aqua! Designed for intense matches and training sessions, this model provides the ultimate grip. Say goodbye to slipping balls and say hello to confidence on the pitch, even in the toughest weather. With the Varan7 Champ NC Aqua and its 4mm Aqua Claw, you'll be ready for any challenge.