The Right Gear for Pre-Season

Pre-season poses a unique challenge for goalkeepers, often contending with icy temperatures or hard surfaces. To deliver 100% even under these conditions, the right equipment plays a crucial role. Whether on the field or in the hall, the right gear can make your pre-season training more manageable. We present to you the best products from head to toe!

Durable Goalkeeper Gloves

The adhesive foam plays a vital part in achieving a good grip with goalkeeper gloves. This foam is also very delicate. Therefore, we recommend opting for durable and long-lasting adhesive foam on hard surfaces such as artificial turf or indoor floors. This type of foam wears out less quickly, ensuring that the excellent grip lasts longer. The following goalkeeper gloves are specially designed for hard surfaces:

Warm Accessories

Snoods, beanies or gloves are more than just accessories – they protect against icy cold, snow, and wind.


LAYERING, LAYERING and some more LAYERING! The secret to keeping the body warm in winter lies in the layering principle. Start with breathable underwear that fits snugly against your body. On hard surfaces, you can pick integrated padding on the elbows, knees, and hips. If the padded underwear feels too warm indoors, you can alternatively equip yourself with knee and elbow protectors without sacrificing protection!


To avoid cooling down during your sessions, we recommend adding another layer over your underwear that prevents the escape of heat. With this selection of waterproof and warming training tops, you'll be on the safe side:


There are choices you have to make with goalkeeper pants too: you have the option of choosing varying degrees of padding on hips and knees. This ensures perfect protection for sensitive areas on hard surfaces. No more bruises and abrasions!

The right boots

Right footwear is essential in the pre-season! We've compiled a selection of the most popular artificial turf and indoor shoes for you.