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I’m Invincible

As a goalkeeper, you decide whether your team wins or loses. The job of goalkeeper has become faster and harder than it ever was. You need to intervene to be unbeatable.
Leave nothing to faith. Start your own winning streak with the new Varan6 goalkeeper gloves and become unbeatable!

KEEPERsport Varan6 Invincible goalkeeper gloves

Varan6 Invincible models

We proudly present you the Varan6 goalkeeper gloves from the brand new #InvincibleV6 collection, developed with passion and love for goalkeeping. Through an excellent cooperation with many amateur and professional keepers and with our 20 years of experience in the entire goalkeeping, we have packed all important features in all glove models.

Varan6 Pro models

Tight-fitting negative cut with flexible textile soft gussets. Professional adhesive foam for all weather conditions. Sewn latex thumb wrap. Flexible, yet stabilizing glove body.

The Varan6 Pro NC goalkeeper gloves impress with their professional price-performance ratio. Therefore, they are the most sought after gloves of our professional keepers.
You even get to choose between the 4mm White Claw and 4mm Aqua Claw palms:

Varan6 Premier models

Tight-fitting negative cut with flexible textile soft gussets. High quality adhesive foam with a good lifespan. Very flexible STB glove body.

Goalkeeper training requires loyal partners, just like the Varan6 Premier gloves. An extensive development process with many young talents preceeded the production of these gloves.
Secure your training glove now with great grip:

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Complete your outfit

Get your new gloves a suitable outfit: the matching GkSix INVINCIBLE textiles. Equipped with this new collection, your opponent won't even dare going near you.