Finally the time has come, the waiting has come to an end. 
We proudly present you the Varan6 prototypes, developed with passion and even more love. Due to an excellent cooperation and some tests with many amateur and professional keepers, but especially due to our 19 years of experience in goalkeeping we have packed all the important features of a top glove into the brand new #ProjectV6

The very first Blackout models are strictly limited! Only 250 pairs were produced worldwide! So you have to be extremely fast to get the first Varan6 predecessors ever. 

Check out all the technical info now:

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"Negative Cut" with a "ONE-Piece-Textile-Gusset" - The textile layers run continuously from the little finger to the thumb. The big advantage is the cut and the missing seam at the fingertips, which would bother inside the glove. This makes the Varan6 even more comfortable and comfortable to wear. The textile layers end in a complete latex flap on the thumb. This so-called "Thumb Rollover" is absolutely necessary for a perfect catch feeling. 

"4mm Black Claw" - proven over the years and the choice of many Ks professionals! A really good feeling of grip, especially in dry conditions, is offered by this abrasion-resistant foam which also convinces in moisture and wet conditions in a remarkable way although it is not specially designed for it 

A new feature is the extended entry system made of embossed neoprene (embossing's) on the backhand. The flexible elastic inserts make it much easier to slip in and allow the glove to fit the hand without wrinkles. In addition, the transverse "embossing's" offer an ideal hold on the wrist. In addition, the innovative embossed latex entry help in V6 design promises easier entry. 

- A novelty in the VARAN history! Never used before - stretchable Double-strap which guarantees a great fit due to the one-and-a-half times wrapping. The wide Velcro fastener provides the best stability which can be individually adjusted by a new arrangement on the back of the hand 

Back Hand: 
The back of the hand consists of a continuous neoprene body which has become even more flexible and lighter by dispensing with a latex less backhand. In order to guarantee a protected fist, ergonomically adapted silicone gels were placed on the extremely important areas (finger and punching zone). The crossed PunchingZone promises even more ball control when punching.