Gear up for the winter in time!

As a dedicated goalkeeper you perfectly know the cold conditions during the winter preparations:

- hard and frozen goal box,
- ice-cold and extremely hard training sessions,
- bad training conditions

are just a few examples of the preparations for the second half which seem to be endless. To keep your joy at the daily goalkeeper training we are showing you the ideal goalkeeper gear for your training and your game. With the correct goalkeeper gloves, football boots and goalkeeper textilesfor the winter you are ready to roll:

  • Our top pick

    Under Armour ColdGear Rush Mock

    You'll be perfectly equipped with the Under Armour ColdGear Rush Mock for the cold season. The tight undershirt stores heat longer and doesn't let your body cool down as quickly.

Underpants are needed for a complete set. Pick either with or without padding:

  • Our recommendation

    KEEPERsport Underpants Powerpadded

    The next optimal equipment that is essential is the KEEPERsport Underpants Powerpadded. This piece of training equipment has the strongest, the PowerPadded padding on the hips protects you on both grass and artificial grass pitches. The anti-abrasion zone on the knees prevents rapid wear at this point and the close-fitting "Annualskin" offers optimal wearing comfort. Thanks to the "KeepItAll" waistband, these trousers offer an optimal fit and outstanding wearing comfort. 



Let us move on to training tops, the next layer over the underwear:

  • Get these as well

    KEEPERsport GK Top

    The KEEPERsport Training Top COLDSKIN was designed to protect you from the freezing of arms and hands. As a goalkeeper, cold limbs are something you can't afford. The resulting loss of performance might cost you the game. The training top was specially developed to meet the requirements of goalkeeper training in winter. With its specially woven neoprene outer coating, it protects you against the relentless cold. So you can play at full power even in winter!

Pick a pair of GK-pants over your underpants. Goalkeeper pants are tailored to the needs of goalkeeper training and are available with different paddings and in different lengths:

  • Great to have

    KEEPERsport GK Pants Unpadded

    The KEEPERsport goalkeeperpants in 3/4 length are ideal for all goalkeepers. The strategically placed "Abrasion Zone" significantly increases durability. Train like the professional goalkeepers! Thanks to the "KeepItAll" waistband, these pants also offer an optimal fit and outstanding wearing comfort.



The right accessories are still missing to complete your winter outfit:

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