What kind of goalkeeper are you? Modern? Young? Insane? Provocative? Cool? Addicted to goalkeeping? Or a little bit of everything? If yes, then you've come to the right place! rehab is the real stuff without any unnecessary features and overpriced accessories. Professional gloves made by goalkeepers, for goalkeepers. Choose pure performance!


Young. Freaky. Cool. - the motto of rehab goalkeeping. As you can see from the design, these gloves are not on hte boring side of the design spectrum. Best grip combined with an unbeatable price-performance ratio make the rehab brand the choice of many young goalkeepers. Adults and children alike enjoy the benefits of various sizes, cuts and colours. Your'll find something regardless of whether your goalkeeper jersey is red, green, orange, yellow or blue.




Goalkeepers need proper clothes, not only goalkeeper gloves. It doesn't matter whether it's training or a match, rehab got you covered from jerseys to underwear, and you can even look cool! rehab goalkeeper clothing is available in many different colors and sizes for young and old. High-quality materials ensure the perfect fit and at an unbeatable price!






  • Extraordinary design meets an unbeatable price!


    Have you seen the latest top models from rehab goalkeeping? The Extreme CG3 Graphic Blue and Extreme CG3 Graphic Red goalkeeper gloves are once again meeting the high design standards you are used to. Of course, with their usual unbeatable price! This is the definition of bang for the buck. They only cost €49.99! The new Graphic Red & Graphic Blue goalkeeper gloves will win you over with their unique grip and perfect fit.

  • Show your unity. Show your country. Show your passion.

    Country Gloves

    Support your country in the exclusive Country Edition. Negative cut, premium grip & silicone backhand. The trinity of the premium goalkeeper gloves "Extreme CG3". Goalkeepers get a great fit, perfect grip in all weather conditions in an exclusive country design.

  • Wanna try something new?

    Training set

    Pull off the best style, even during training. Wear the rehab training set in yellow or blue! Choose between the goalkeeper gloves rehab Core CG1 NC in blue with removable fingersave or rehab Core CG1 NC in yellow to match your set. Complete your look.

  • Colourful goalkeeping


    We have three different gloves (CG1, CG2 and CG3), awesome trainings-wear and trendy match-outfits just for you. No matter which age. No matter if classical black or freaky colourful. You won't leave us with empty hands! Three characteristics that you absolutely need on masterly goalkeeper gloves. The price - a real USP - in combination with the unique design, created of our designers, perfectly fit to you. No matter if classical look or bold style.