Professionals worldwide

Over 90 professional goalkeepers trust the Varan6 goalkeeper gloves

From China to America. From the Italian women's Serie A to the Austrian Bundesliga. From Manchester United to 1. FC Nürnberg.

KEEPERsport's Varan6 goalkeeper gloves are worn by over 90 professional keepers around the world. Quality is what makes these gloves an ideal choice in the professional sector. All professionals are more than enthusiastic about the professional adhesive foam and the great fit.

Joint development

The best thing about cooperating with our professionals is mutual trust and cooperative development. Every goalkeeper who signs an equipment contract guarantees the further development of KEEPERsport Products.

Doesn't matter if goalkeeper gloves, goalkeeper textiles or training equipment. Every professional tests, tries and analyzes new features so that all goalkeepers in the world can play with ever improving professional materials.

The goalkeeper gloves of professionals

The majority of the professional keepers play with inline models that are also available in the web shop. Of course, there are also some goalkeepers who need unique specifications.
Here is a small overview of some of our professionals: