#PowerToDominate - reusch Goalkeeping 2018

Prisma from reusch is the newest flagship of the traditional brand. This very interesting line provides you with high quality materials, best fit and with an extremely good grip. These gloves were created for professional goalkeeping performances and this leads to the fact that they are THE ultimate innovation, with conviction. With it's new and revised design it is the beginning of a new era for reusch. The successful and established features and technologies of the past years were a big influence in creating the new Prisma. There are two sections reusch put the focus on: Wet turf makes the ball faster and every shot unpredictable. For this case reusch has created the Aqua goalkeeping gloves which guarantees best grip even at heavy rain. Artificial turf or hard field are the worst for goalkeepers in terms of protection and so reusch put the focus on exactly those turfs with protection elements, resilience, durability and last but not least performance. This combination is the road to success for reusch.



100% Grip! With the totally new composition of the G2 Latex mixture and the addition of special glue reusch have got a very soft and sticky palm with phenomenal grip. Beside the regular version there is also a G3 with the established DUO variant and the new created Fusion technology.


WIth this new created wet turf palm reusch made it happen to have a high quality and performance Aqua palm. With it's open structure it is possible for the AX2 to absorb more water than normal palms and still guarantees perfect grip.