The Final Varan5

An era comes to an end.

This was it. We proudly present you the very last Varan5: #TheFinalV5. Can you remember these gloves? They were the official ambassador of the first GOALKEEPERday on the 11/11/2018. Now these strictly limited gloves are available at the KEEPERsport webshop! We have tried to combine all typical featurs of all Varan5 collections. Convince yourself: 

We have noticed that the majority of all keepers around the world prefer the classical Negative Cut with the proven "4mm Aqua Claw" palm especially for wet conditions. It wouldn't be a real Varan5 if a small technical detail hadn't been improved. With the backhand full with neoprene and without a disturbing seam, this Varan5 is much lighter and more comfortable in wet and rainy conditions. 

Varan5 Editions

Here are all collections and special editions of the Varan5 listed in chronological order. 
From #KsMasterpiece to  #UnebatableV5:


The last capital of the Varan5 is also the starting signal for the next, extremely exciting milestones in VARAN chronology. 
STAY TUNED - Varan6 is on the way...