rehab Trainings-textile

You have never seen that before. Promise! It's the first time rehab is revealing an entire training collection. Finally, because as a goalkeeper you spend five times more training than playing games. 

Especially the training textiles like goalkeeper pants or cushioned underwear are must-haves for every training session. And now you have the possibility to even train with a certain style, a freaky but awesome style. You can get cushioned long and ¾ pants, but also underwear in grey and black.

Goalkeeper Gloves

Two goalkeeper glove models for your training! You won't get a better one for this price. On one hand there is the "Master CG2", which you can also use for games. On the other hand you have the "Core CG1", which is perfect for training sessions! Finally gloves without the frills.

Our "Master CG2" in a cheeky but smart way: Negative Cut - Pro Grip - Latex on the upper hand. Three characteristics that you absolutely need on masterly goalkeeper gloves. The price - a real USP - in combination with the unique design, created of our designers, perfectly fit to you. 

Finally, we proudly present the perfect goalkeeper gloves for your training: Negative Cut - SmashGrip - latex on backhand. These three properties make up our "Core CG1". Awesome price/performance ratio and the exclusive design perfectly fit to you. No matter if upcoming talent or experienced leader.


Underwear grey

Underwear black

Goalkeeper pants grey

Goalkeeper pants black

GK Socks