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#VARAN5: our best gloves ever

#UnbeatableV5 - is the slogan of the new campaign for VARAN5 gloves of our own brand. Just like the predecessors bring the #V5 gloves best materials and innovations and not least an excellent price performance ratio. These high performance match gloves are the ultimate weapon for each goalkeeper to become unbeatable between the posts.

#UnbeatableV5: functional details

The #V5 HERO gloves are equipped with the following features:
• Silicon Grip Comfort Area - silicon punching zone on the backhand
• Thimble Rollovers - extended fingertip wraps for a prolonged foam contact area
 Hand-Side Rollover - wrap at the edge of the hand provides protection and abrasion resistance
• Little Finger Stability - LFS guarantees a barely noticeable protection of the little finger

The HERO and PRO gloves feature following common improvements:
• Safe'n Comfort Power Wrist - newly designed, asymmetrical slip-in system makes it easy to put on
• Soft Tech Body - lightweight material ensures a pleasant and comfortable climate inside the glove
 Dual Thumb Rollovers - two-sided latex wraps on the thumb enlarge the latex to ball contact