• New REGskin Articles

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    New REGskin Articles

    The from KEEPERsport developed RegSkin material has now been further improved, and it meets the highest professional standards and guarantees an extremely pleasant lightness. The weight of the high-tech textile fibers used has been reduced by a further 20%. It feels always dry inside through a sophisticated moisture management system with a new additional membrane in blue. On the outside is the material water-repellent and windproof.

    The big advantage over normal polyester products is that RegSkin products do not absorb water or moisture and thus always keep their original weight. A real feel-good climate for the goalkeeper is hereby secured at all times, even under extreme weather conditions.

In our wide range of products we currently offer three goalkeeper products using REGskin materials:

You can choose between trousers and 3/4 pants from the Panther line with an embossed foam padding on hips and knees (FoamPads), and a sweater also from the Panther line with FoamPads on the elbows. Our RegSkin products are specifically designed for goalies. We recommend using RegSkin products in cold and wet conditions up to a temperature of 15 degrees Celsius!

KEEPERsport RegSkin Produkte, speziell für Regentage entwickelt