KEEPERsport meets T1TAN

This saying is widely known among fans around the globe. We want to show the world and make an example of ourselves that together two competitors or rivals can also make great projects happen. The T1TAN Beast #KsEdition is AVAILABLE ONCE MORE

The special touch

These goalkeeper gloves are not only made for you but made by you! Our think-tank resulted in the perfect co-branding on the inside of the latex strap. It reads as follows:

You can of course personalize the backhand of your goalkeeper gloves! Give your glove a unique look!

The glove model

We decided that the best would be the the BEAST 2.0. Why? Because the optimized cut on the fingers and the new Mechano 2.0 backhand grants perfect comfort. In addition, the extra long entry with the integrated and flexible latex strap is the optimal stability you need.

Take a closer look:

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Take care of your gloves

Don't throw it carelessly in the washing machine after the game! These gloves have EXCELLENT GRIP, make 'em last longer! Always wash your goalkeeper gloves carefully with the KEEPERsport Glove Cleaner after every game and let them dry with the Glove Dry Buddy from KEEPERsport so that the dirty water does not collect in your fingers.