Goalkeeper training with equipment

Organising a goalkeeper training is no easy task. It does not matter if professional or amateur training: time is usually in short supply.

That's why the right equipment is indispensable for every workout. The right equipment saves time and has a huge impact on the effectiveness of the training. You can train your coordination, jumping, reaction and defence tactics in the shortest possible time with the right equipment.

We'll show you some examples of how to design your next workout with Rebounder & Co.

We have several videos to demonstrate some exercises. These videos are just examples. Exercises can be varied and expanded. Keep adjusting the exercises to your skill level!

Exercise 1

Maring circles complement your goalkeeper training perfectly. Due to the high durability of the material, they are perfect for speed, coordination and reaction training. The six different colors of the marker circles are also meant to train your cognitive perception skills.

Exercise 2

The magic cord is considered the all-rounder in goalkeeper training. Due to the versatile possibilities it is a real MUST-HAVE.
It is the ideal tool for jump training and for flexibility and positioning exercises.

Exercise 3

The Rebounder Pro is a loyal companion for every keeper coach, thanks to the infinite number of possible exercises. Due to the very good elastic net and due to the adjustable height inclination, new exercises can and are always created with the rebounder.

Exercise 4

The extra heavy ball is the perfect supplement for training in between. In addition to the classic exercises upper body,legs etc. this ball is perfect for specific goalkeeper training to strengthen the fingers and hands.

Exercise 5

The agility hurdles are extremely flexible. Many professional goalkeeping coaches also use the hurdles for these training exercises as well. They are not only suitable for classic jump training, but for coordination, response and speed training as well.

Exercise 6

The KEEPERsport Handrebounder is ideal for the specific goalkeeper training to improve reflexes and accuracy. It offers endless possibilities and exercise variations for every keeper coach! In addition to the advantages of our classic rebounder this one offers innumerable further possibilities. For example the warm-up training and other playful and useful goalkeeper training.

Exercise 7

Train. Confuse. Challenge your KEEPERS.

The KEEPERdummy has beome a must have for every goalkeeper coach. Amateur or professional? They can be seen everywhere. Why? It's simple. It simulates a teammate or oponent player and thus leads to very interesting and numerous excersises. The product is inflatable and made ​​of a very robust special material and is extremely durable. Two side-mounted carrying handles ensure easy handling and carrying on the pitch.

It can be used whether in the goalkeeper training, for attack variants and penalty area situations, free kick situations, coordination or even tactic exercises. It is inflatable and therefore very easy to transport, for example into the training camp.

*These videos are just examples. Exercises can be varied and expanded. Keep adjusting the exercises to your skill level!