REGISTER NOW - KEEPERbattle on 06/24/2023 in Kottingbrunn, Austria PRESENTED BY PUMA

It's finally here again!

In just a few mouse clicks you can be part of THE goalkeeping event of the year. Register in the form below and get all the news and information about the KEEPERbattle on June 24th, 2023 at the KEEPERbase in Kottingbrunn (Austria) powered by PUMA.

Win amazing prizes powered by PUMA!

In addition to numerous goodies and other event highlights, there are of course prizes and prizes to be won.

You can win:

Winner: VIP tickets Manchester City + 5 pairs of MyPUMAgoalkeeper gloves of your choice

Loser final: VIP tickets Borussia Dortmund + 3 MyPUMAgoalkeeper gloves of your choice

Loser semifinals: 2x VIP tickets SK Rapid Wien + 2 MyPUMAgoalkeeper gloves of your choice

Loser quarter-finals: 2x VIP tickets ÖFB country match each

Loser round of 16: 2x tickets SK Rapid Vienna each

Loser of the sixteenth final: 2x tickets each ÖFB country match


Do you want to create your own MyPUMA glove in advance? Just get started in our Glove Creator!

Where does the KEEPERbattle take place in Austria?

The KEEPERbattle in Austria takes place in the "heart of goalkeeping" - in our KEEPERbase . The game is played on our own natural turf. But the KEEPERbase has much more to offer:

In addition to the event extras such as our own food truck, we offer you an insight into our heart. If you can't wait, get impressions of our KEEPERbase in advance!