Let's put an end to the spread of the corona virus together!

These days are not only difficult for us goalkeepers, employees and entrepreneurs. We are worried about the uncertainty. Still, we shouldn't be afraid!
If we all implement the measures taken by those responsible we will soon be back where we belong: on the football pitch. More specifically between the posts!

Noone is alone

Goalkeepers know the feeling of loneliness. Nevertheless, we must adhere to the following points together:
>> Stay at home!
>> Keep fit!
>> Do your shopping online!

#KeepAtHome and stay in shape with professional goalkeepers
Have you seen it on Insta yet? Every day, we present a new training video & complete workouts powered by professional keepers. If you run out of ideas at home, get inspired on our Insta.

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Show discipline and strength together!

The #KeepAtHome represent our dedication in pulling through these hard times. Show us how you keep yourself fit. No matter whether reaction, coordination or strength training. With simple tools such as the <link https: www.keepersport.net keepersport-online-store artikeldetail equipment-keepersport-handrebounder.html>rebounder,<link https: www.keepersport.net keepersport-online-store artikeldetail functional-balls-uhlsport-reflex-ball.html> reaction balls or simple home solutions, the home workout can be really fun.

Let's train together and get creative. We look forward to your pictures, videos and other material ;-)

Onlineshopping is available and recommended!

To avoid social contacts, we recommend doing your shopping online. If you need new equipment for your home workout or want to equip yourself now for the upcoming goalkeeper training, then we can help you here.
24/7 shopping on<link http: www.ks.zone> www.ks.zone !

>> Do you have any questions for us?
Our <link https: www.keepersport.net service-support customer-service.html>customer service team is still available (in the home office).

>> Do you have any questions about your delivery?
We send your packages daily from the KEEPERbase. Find out more about shipping <link https: www.keepersport.net service-support shipping.html>here.

>> How can I pay?
<link https: www.keepersport.net service-support payment-options.html>Payment methods