Fingertape Tutorial

In this video we show you one of many kinds of goalkeeper finger taping. Giacomo Brichetto was a professional keeper in Italy for many years and was also among the SSD Palermo in Seria. After his active career, he led numerous goalkeeper camps as a goalkeeper coach and took over the management of KEEPERsport in Switzerland. "Jack" therefore knows exactly what a torn capsule means to a goalkeeper.

We'll show you several kinds of different finger tapes an. Jack prefers the versatile Strapping Tape (3,8 cm).

1. Tear off a long strip. (TIP: you are better off with a too long than too short.)
2. Divide the wide strip into narrow pieces.
3. Bend your finger in the correct catching position and wrap your finger from the base to the end of the middle link with the narrow strip.
IMPORTANT: Give some space for your joints!

Finger tapes