4-Finger gloves


We have the perfect timekiller for goalkeepers! You're done preparing your good goalkeeper gloves for the second half of the season with the right glove care. Now what? Don't throw away your old gloves! We show you how you can professionally sew two fingers together on a 5-finger glove.

Finger injury is a problem no more!

Every goalkeeper knows painful and irritating finger injuries such sprained and broken fingers. These injuries happen more often and more suddenly than one would like. Fingers often get caught in the lawn or balls are caught with the fingertips instead of the palm. It happens!
But life must go on! To achieve optimal stability and maximum protection, you can use special tapes to tape the injured finger to another finger. Such as Andreas Leitner (FC Flyeralarm Admira) or Oliver Baumann (TSG Hoffenheim) has done.

"I have more stability and won't get stuck anymore. My gloves are virtually almost mittens. This gives me a lot of security."

-Oliver Baumann

He has been doing it since he injured his finger. His little and ring finger are together in his gloves.

Sewing tutorial

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Follow these steps and tips:

Step 1 - get required tools and materials
You will need scissors, a needle and thread. For your first try, pick used gloves and decide for yourself which of the two fingers you want to sew together.
A little tip: DO NOT sew ring fingers and little fingers together on your first attempts. These two fingers are the most difficult to modify.

Step 2 - separate body from layer
Separate the seams at the layers (gussets). Then you can slowly and carefully separate the gussets from the outer material.

Step 3 - turn the gloves
The inside of your goalkeeper gloves must be facing you. This prevents the palm from being damaged and annoying seams covering the adhesive foam.

Step 4 - sew
Sew the fingers together so that in the end two fingers only result in a large one.

Step 5 - Turn the glove into the starting position
Almost there! All you need to do now is to turn the gloves again.

Our product manager's tutorial