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With the exciting new topic adidas is perfectly prepared for the second part of the season. - #ColdBloodedPack! With the fantastic design in combination with the technical improvements from the past you are dominating the opposition box.

He is quiet but deadly. On hard ground, on the street, in your face. Hi is dominating wherever and whenever he wants and will attack anybody who is in his way. He is COLD BLOODED!

The characteristic adidas innovations and the tremendous name Predator is coming also back to the goalkeeper glove section. The Back Hand and the bandage are made of a revolutionary knit wear which is made of a mixture of elastane and polyester and made in one piece. The bandage is integrated and still more flexible so your hand has an easier entry and fit.

That's the reason why World Class Goalkeepers like Manuel Neuer (Bayern München/Germany), David de Gea (Manchester United/Spain), Kevin Trapp (PSG/Germany), Marc-André ter Stegen (Barcelona/Germany), Loris Karius (FC Liverpool/Germany), Keylor Navas (Real Madrid/Costa Rica), Iker Casillas (FC Porto/Spain), Mile Svilar (Benfica Lissabon/Belgium) or Claudio Bravo (Manchester City/Chile) believe in goalkeeper gloves made by adidas!

Cold blooded Packages