A glimpse of the future. Frozen in the present. The future-crafted chrome finish of the Mercury Pack will leave a lasting impression on the greatest football stages of 2016. #FirstNeverFollows is the slogan of the adidas campaign for gloves and boots designed for the European Championship in France. The adidas Ace Trans Pro NC in black-silver has been designed to provide a tight fit for goalkeepers of all levels. The Ace Trans is a new glove silo from adidas for keepers such as Manuel Neuer, David De Gea and Petr Cech.


Seamless / Layer Reduction

Significant weight reduction by a completely latex-free backhand and wrist area. Without irritating seams the new, tight-fitting cut solution has a pleasant and flexible feel.

Evo Zone Tech

The Evo Zone Tech combines two completely engineered foams for a grippier area on the fingers and more shock absorbing part on the rest of the hand.


The Abrasion Zone protects the palm against abrasion in this area, ensuring strength as well as the flexibility that goalkeepers need from their gloves.


The lightweight silicone construction on the backhand provides punching control, while still maintaining flexibility.