The 4mm Claw is an exceptionally sturdy adhesive foam, making the goalkeeper glove highly durable. Additionally, this adhesive foam provides you with a top grip even in bad weather conditions.


The latex zone in the punching area gives you a secure feeling when punching the ball. NEW: The punching zone has been extended and now reaches up to the fingertips - for an even better feeling!


The popular negative cut (NC) provides the perfect wearing experience! The cut finger area gives you a good feeling when making contact with the ball.


With the extra-wide neoprene cuff, the goalkeeper glove can be closed tightly. The cuff provides stability, a good feeling on your wrist, and prevents unnecessary injuries to your wrist muscles.

With extreme durability throughout the season!

The centerpiece of the Varan7 Premier NC Game of Power is clearly the 4mm Claw with its tremendous durability. Despite the perpetual conflict between grip and durability, the 4mm Claw continues to provide excellent grip even in bad weather conditions. Positioned in the lower price range, this model is an excellent choice especially for beginners to advanced players!