Perfect fit

The Varan7 Champ Power is the preferred choice of many goalkeepers who love a light and extremely flexible glove. The modern Soft-Tech-Body material adapts individually to every hand. Convince yourself of this goalkeeper glove!

Optimal hold

Your wrists rely on over thirty muscles for both mobility and stability. To support you in this crucial area, we offer an elastic, one-piece loop that provides essential support for powerful shots. Additionally, our Latex Entry Help feature ensures easy slipping on and off.

Power Cut

The Hybrid Cut in KEEPERsport goalkeeper gloves is labeled as "Power". It is characterized by the combination of the inner seam and roll finger cut. Latex-Soft-Gussets on the index and middle fingers provide an optimal fit without any irritating seams. Functional adhesive foam overlays are incorporated on the index finger and little finger, promising the best possible grip in any situation.

The hybrid Varan7!

The uniqueness of each goalkeeper's individuality is what makes the goalkeeper position so special and distinct. Each of us has our own preferences and ideas, and the hybrid cut - a combination of the negative cut and roll finger cut - is steadily gaining importance. With the Varan7 Champ Power from the Game of Power collection, we offer a perfect solution that provides a unique grip-durability ratio.