Perfect fit

The Varan7 Champ Gunn Cut is the preferred choice of many goalkeepers who love a lightweight and extremely flexible glove with a roll finger cut. The modern Soft-Tech-Body material adapts perfectly to your hand structure and offers you a convincing fit.

All-round grip

The Varan7 Champ GC is the preferred choice for goalkeepers who love the rollfinger cut. With this cut, the adhesive foam rolls around the fingers, giving you a "rounded grip feeling" and excellent cushioning against sharp shots.

Best Grip

The 4mm Super Glue professional adhesive foam in black guarantees the best grip in all weather conditions. The additional grip elements incorporated on the palm provide the perfect balance between grip and durability.

Maximum stability

To prevent unnecessary and inconvenient injuries, we provide support to the more than thirty muscles involved in the mobility and stability of your wrists with an elastic strap that wraps around once. This strap ensures the necessary support during sharp shots.