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Yann Sommer

Yann Sommer, the esteemed Swiss goalkeeper, currently plays for Inter Milan in the Italian Serie A. Having previously played for Borussia Mönchengladbach and a brief stint at FC Bayern Munich, Sommer has quickly become a key figure at Inter. With his exceptional reflexes and ability to command the game from the goal, he is a central player for the Swiss national team heading into the European Championship 2024, which will take place in Germany. His extensive international experience is invaluable, especially under the high-pressure situations of a major tournament like the European Championship.

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Gregor Kobel, currently the goalkeeper for Borussia Dortmund, will serve as the number two behind Yann Sommer in the Swiss national team for the European Championship 2024 in Germany. Since joining Dortmund in 2021, he has distinguished himself with consistent performances and a high save percentage. This experience and his ability to perform under pressure make him a vital support for the Swiss team in the upcoming tournament.

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Yvon Mvogo, Marvin Keller or Pascal Loretz?

A lingering question for the Swiss national team ahead of the European Championship remains: Who will be the third goalkeeper to reinforce the squad? The decision seems to be between three promising talents: Yvon Mvogo, Marvin Keller, or Pascal Loretz.

Pascal Loretz, showcasing his skills at FC Luzern, is known for his excellent reflexes and ability to build play from the back. On the other hand, Yvon Mvogo, who has caught attention with his impressive performances at FC Lorient, is notable for his physical presence in goal and calm demeanor under pressure. Marvin Keller's dedication and performance at FC Winterthur could help him continue to gain international experience and develop his skills further. The coming weeks will be crucial as all three goalkeepers will need to prove their strengths in training and upcoming friendly matches.