Spain: La Furia Roja

The Spanish national team enters the European Championship 2024 in Germany with great hopes and a strong squad. Under the guidance of coach Luis de la Fuente, who was promoted after a successful tenure as U21 coach, the team impressively navigated their qualifying matches, winning seven out of eight games. While the team may no longer boast the iconic talents from Barcelona as in previous years, "La Furia Roja" can rely on emerging stars like Pedri, Rodri, and Alejandro Balde, although Gavi will miss out due to injury. The team has, however, gained depth with players like goalkeeper Unai Simón, returning to the national team after a strong season at Athletic Bilbao, alongside experienced forces such as Álvaro Morata and Ferran Torres.

Unai Simón

Unai Simón, the outstanding goalkeeper from Athletic Bilbao, is the undisputed number one for the Spanish national team at the European Championship 2024 in Germany. Known for his impressive reflexes and excellent game understanding, Simón has established himself as a key player through consistent performances at both club and international levels. At Athletic Bilbao, Simón showcased his skills in the 2023/2024 season with numerous saves and crucial matches, making him one of the top goalkeepers in La Liga. His technical proficiency and ability to build play from the back are qualities that make him particularly valuable in the modern football landscape.

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David Raya

David Raya, listed as the second choice behind Unai Simón for the Spanish national team at the European Championship 2024 in Germany, currently plays on loan as goalkeeper for Arsenal from Brentford. Despite an injury that temporarily sidelined his career, Raya quickly established himself as a reliable stalwart, particularly noted for his penalty-saving abilities that propelled Arsenal forward in the Champions League. His standout performance in the Premier League season 2023-2024, marked by numerous saves and high passing accuracy, earned him the Premier League Golden Glove. Raya is expected to play a crucial role in Euro 2024 should he be called upon, especially with his skills as a modern 'sweeper-keeper'. These technical abilities could prove advantageous for the Spanish team in securing possession and transitioning quickly from defense to attack.

Álex Remiro

Álex Remiro has established himself as a dependable goalkeeper for Real Sociedad and the Spanish national team. At his current club Real Sociedad, he made significant contributions to their Copa del Rey win in 2020. In the current season, Remiro has shown convincing performances across all competitions for Real Sociedad, securing him a solid place in the Spanish national team for Euro 2024.