adidas Predstrike - the new Predator goalkeeper gloves

Unveiling the latest gem in the Predator goalkeeper glove lineup: the adidas Predator Pro Predstrike!

Bid farewell to the year with the groundbreaking Predator model in red & yellow, promising a revolutionary dimension in goalkeeping. The remarkable dynamic backhand with strategically placed silicone elements makes the Predator as a top choice.

Join world-class goalkeepers Manuel Neuer, Emiliano Martinez, and Aaron Ramsdale and wear adidas Predator models.

  • adidas Predator Pro

    The combination of knitted body material and a reinforced palm not only ensures a perfect fit but also provides maximum comfort and flexibility.

    With adidas's proven URG 2.0 foam, you maintain a game-changing grip even in varying weather conditions.

    The thumbwrap (latex covering on the thumb) enhances the latex's contact with the ball, ensuring even more grip for you.

    The dynamic texture on the back of the glove not only offers an appealing design but also allows outstanding precision in punch saves. Strategically placed silicone elements ensure you always have control over the ball.

  • adidas Predator Prestrike

    Experience the adidas Predator Predstrike, the lightest Predator ever developed.

    With a narrower cut compared to the previous model, this shoe sets new standards for agility and performance on the field.

    The Strikeskin Technology gives you maximum control over the ball. This innovative technology enables precise ball handling and enhances your shooting technique, allowing you to dominate the game with impressive accuracy.