SAK Shin Guards - Wear them like the pros. You wear the best gloves and boots, now you can also wear the best shin guards. Now you can shop in our online store exclusive shin guards with an exciting skull design specially designed for KEEPERsport. SAK shin guards are developed with player centric cutting-edge technology. SAK shin guards are made from polimer materials unbreakable in football practice, normally used in the military and aeronautic industries. SAK shin guards tend to slip significantly less than "standard" shin guards due to the better fit woth the leg shape. However, they should always be used with calf sleeves. With each pair of shin guards you will get a pair of calf sleeves. SAK shin guards are certified according to the EN 13061 European standard that performs impact testing as well as chemical testing to assure the possibility of usage on the skin. Their use should not cause any alergic reactions on the skin, but if they occur you should use them with a sock between the shin guard and the skin. World-class players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Pogba, Arturo Vidal, James Rodríguez, Anthony Martial, Thibaut Courtois rely on this truly outstanding product.

SAK Schienbeinschoner KEEPERsport Skull