As we all know this year's UEFA-Champions League Final will take place at the beautiful Stadium in Cardiff with two of Europe's best competitors. It's Real Madrid, with Keylor Navas, against Juventus Turin, with Gigi Buffon. We are proud to have the possibility to present you the adidas top Version which Keylor Navas will be wearing during the Final. Adidas sticks to their successful formula and keeps innovating their gloves technically and visually.

Besides the outstanding palm, they introduced a better shock absorber. Until now, all of the professional goalkeepers who already had the pleasure to use those gloves were overwhelmed by the extension of the inner hand palm and the "Stretch Strap", which turns into the "Pull Down Fixation Strap".

The function of the Velcro fastener is also remarkable, which is exactly what adidas tried to realize: First you pull the gloves in the direction of the wrist to get the exact and perfect fit. After that you can close the bandage easily. At rainy weather conditions, in particular the "Pull Down Fixation Strap" prevents the glove to slip up the wrist again.

The new gloves are is very comfortable and light, which results being made of the "Mechano-Material". This kind of technique was already used at the previous model.