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The KEEPERbattle is probably the coolest and most renowned tournament for goalies across all Europe. In 2016 it will reach a new level: With the support of our sponsoring partner, the world-brand adidas, we are going to tour across the continent for the first time in battle-history, with finals being held on the 15th of August 2016 in Berlin, Germany's capital. – A unique happening that may not be repeated too soon …

Be it an indoor beach in Germany this winter, or fresh Austrian lawn next summer, with the KEEPERbattle you play them all. Enjoy Croatian beaches, Rome's historic flair and Italian mountains, but above all, live the #KeepItAll spirit! We'd love to welcome you to our goalkeeping community where you will meet fun, action, many friends and fellow goalies and last but not least can experience the unique atmosphere of all the battles held this year. Because anything is possible …

We have nine preliminaries scheduled in four different countries:

Munich // beach: first 4 qualify
16.1. Berlin // artificial turf: first 4 qualify

25.6. Bad Fischau // lawn: first 4 qualify

4.6. Torre Predera // beach: first 4 qualify
18.6. Lignano Sabbidadoro // beach: first 3 qualify
25.6. Kastelruth // lawn: first 4 qualify
16.7. Pescara // beach: first 3 qualify
23.7. Cellatica // beach: first 3 qualify

Umag // beach: first 3 qualify

The Base, Berlin: Finals will be held here

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