Good news for our U.K. customers!

KEEPERsport constantly gets bigger. We also make sure it constantly gets better. This is why we now run a seperate domain,, especially for our customers from the U.K. We hope this will make life easier for you when you shop online. Note: If you shop from outside the U.K., please go to Below you can find a list of the improvements we made for you:

Currency Converter

Pound Sterling

Since November 2015 we invoice in Great British Pounds! This may not sound like much, however, it brings along a lot of advantages for you. It means you can easily see how much money will actually be taken out of your account when you place an order. There are no more of those annoying bank charges, which get applied when you purchase something in a foreign currency. So feel free to spend as many £££s as you like in our online shop because now you get your money's worth. :)

Currency Converter

U.K. Shipping

Place an order from within the U.K. and pay less for shipping now! If the total value of your order is over £25.00 we offer free shipping via GLS. If the total is below the £25.00 threshold, we only charge £5.95 for shipping. As an alternative option we offer delivery by DHL. This is usually an even faster service, which is now available for £7.50 in the U.K. Both ways of shipping allow deliveries to be traced on the shipping company's websites. For more information on shipping, please klick on the picture.

Currency Converter

KEEPERbible 2015 // Part 2

For the first time in history our brandnew catalogue was translated into English! A klick onto the image on the left will take you directly to the KEEPERbible blog page where you can browse the catalogue online. We also enclose a printed copy of the English catalogue in every box we ship. – Only while stock lasts!