Want to become a KEEPERsport Community KEEPER

This is your chance! We are looking for our "KEEPERsport Community KEEPER 2018"! You're probably thinking: What is a KEEPERsport Community KEEPER? What do I have to do to become one? And what can I win? No worries, we'll answer your questions on this page, but first check out the Video!

What is a KEEPERsport Community KEEPER?

What do you need to do?

It is pretty simple! The only thing you need to do to win the prizes is to record a little video and tell us what you like the most about our KEEPERsport items. Record yourself for 10 sec and show us your KEEPERsport item on the video. Those two things (you & the KS item) are die only guidelines for your clip. Afterwards you post your video on one of the following social media platforms:

- Facebook
- Instagram
- Youtube

The most important thing: always use the Hashtag #KeepItAll in your video description. This little note makes it sure your video arrives at our editorial department. Also you can post your video in the comments of our FB post or tag us. On Instagram and YouTube make sure you always use the Hashtag #KeepItAll

What is your prize?

Last but not least. The best think at this year's "KEEPERsport Community KEEPER 2018" is.....every participant wins! As a little allowance we will hand our every "video producer" a code which you can use at our shop and online, with a 50% discount on EVERY KEEPERsport item!

We're not finished yet. Our Jury consisting of Pro's and Hobby Goalkeepers will choose the 3 most exciting and creative videos. And the Top 3 prizes will be:

1. Place: 3 Pair of KS Varan5 with printing
2. Place: 2 Pair of KS Varan5 with printing
3. Place: 1 Pair of KS Varan5 with printing

And on top of that, all 3 winners will get an entire page in the next edition of our KEEPERmag and they will be presented as our "KEEPERsport Community KEEPER 2018".

So, what are you waiting for? Upload you video and become a "KEEPERsport Community KEEPER 2018"!