new ANNUALskin Products 2016

KEEPERsport's training apparel and underwear represent a perfect symbiosis between style, technically useful features and comfort. Our brandnew ANNUALskin range is now designed according to the #KeepItAll lifestyle and brings a lot of improvements that any KEEPER will love. ANNUALskin consists of a combination of the best materials currently on the market.
The tops now feature innovative zones around areas like the shoulders and the armpits, which enhance the products' robustness and promote air circulation. Thanks to the new cut, even the collars look a lot more up-to-date.
The cut of the pants has also been changed slightly. Anatomically positioned mesh zones guarantee you feel cosy at all times while staying dry through ideal ventilation. The material and the shape of our paddings have been enhanced too, in order to protect better than before.

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