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The Knee Pads Tiger combine advanced features of common knee pads with innovative KEEPERsport ideas and they are now available in the #KeepItAll style. Unique knee protectors, especially designed for goalkeepers.

Silicon inserts inside the sleeves guarantee a perfect fit and prevent the pads from slipping out of place during the match. In addition to the silicon inserts, a flexible and adjustable velcro fastener has been incorporated above the knee area. Mesh material makes the pads comfortable to wear and ensures optimal ventilation. The high-tech foam padding easily absorbs any impact.

• Embossed and three-dimensional (3D) EVA PowerPads for hard ground, indoor and artificial turf
• Silicon inserts and velcro fastener prevent slipping of the pads
• Mesh-zones increase comfort and a better air-circulation
• ANNUALskin wicks away moisture
• Includes one pair of knee pads

Size Guide (perimeter):

Upper opening // lower opening
XL = approx. 48 cm // 40 cm
M = approx. 44 cm // 36 cm
S = approx. 40 cm // 32 cm
XXS = approx. 36 cm // 28 cm

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ANNUALskin is a high-tech textile material by KEEPERsport, made of 91% polyester and 9% spandex. It guarantees top breathability, and it wicks away moisture from the inside to the outside and keeps your skin dry all year round. It is suitable for all weather conditions!