SELLS Elite Wrap Aqua Campione

  • Goalkeeper Gloves: SELLS Elite Wrap Aqua Campione White
  • Goalkeeper Gloves: SELLS Elite Wrap Aqua Campione White - 1
  • Goalkeeper Gloves: SELLS Elite Wrap Aqua Campione White - 2
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The brand-new SELLS Elite Wrap Aqua Campione is designed for use specifically in wet weather. The Elite silo is the popular choice amongst the Sells professional player stable.


4mm Adhesion Ultra Supreme latex palm provides a sure grip whilst the laminated 5mm memory foam backer provides confident handling and shot-stopping impact absorption

The Roll Finger design provides maximum ball-to-latex contact, which aids palm-side handling and distribution

The backhand is covered by embossed latex and d30 punch zone, which is anatomically shaped to move naturally with your hands

Wrist Closure:
The wrist is supported with a Neoprene cuff and the fit secured by a twin stick Velcro wrap around strap

• The Outlast Eclair mesh provides a thermo-regulating glove body, which adapts to your body temperature – helping you to keep cool under pressure
• d30 punch zone insert creates impact protection for the knuckles on contact with the football, whilst helping gain extra distance
• Double wrap latex cage provides secure location, protection and comfort for the thumb

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Outlast® materials will keep you more comfortable by absorbing excess body heat when you create too much and releasing it when you need it most. Originally developed by NASA, Outlast Technology® balances temperature through the use of patented Therrmocules™ providing the ultimate in climate control.

d30® Lite
A specially selected grade of impact protection non-Newtonian material, that is used within protection garments, accessories and gloves. 3mm d30 LITE® is used in areas of high impact to assist in protecting the body from shock forces. d30 LITE® features the Elite level products and can be found in elbow and knee pads and in anatomically positioned areas of the Elite undergarments. This superb technology provides protection from impact without restricting movement or interfering with the natural athletic performance. d30 LITE® also provides rebound effect and is used in the punch zone of the Elite level gloves, helping the goalkeeper with distance when punching, without any discount or additional weight within the backhand.