Reusch Re:pulse Deluxe G2

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The Reusch Re:pulse Deluxe G2 features the G2 latex for fantastic grip in wet and dry conditions. It’s your turn. Control the ball. Control the rivals. Control the game. You’re ready for whatever will come with the Reusch Re:pulse, your ready for the big save.

G2 - Ultrasoft

Dual Rolled Expanse Cut ESS™

Wrist Closure:
Wrist Bandage full strap with textile

Pro latex

Pro Flex™, Wrist Flex™, Expanded Finger Tips™, Shockshield™ Advanced, Ergonomic Palm Embossing, Catch Control™ 2.0, AirVentSystem™, ESS™, 3D Thumb Crotch™, Rolled Thumb™, Keep Control™ Pro, Pull Loop™

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G2 - Ultrasoft

Changing requirements in goalkeeping call for modified foam characteristics. G2 Ultrasoft, the further development of the well known and successful G1 Ultrasoft palm, even outranks its forerunner in terms of grip in dry and wet conditions. Also focusing on the improvement of the abrasion resistance, the addition of various components makes this palm material noticeably stronger. Best cushioning when keeping very hard and fast balls completes its premium status. G2 - the new top palm meeting the highest demands.

Pro Flex™

The PRO FLEX™ Technology is based on a flex pocket dividing the back into two layers fixed on two sides. When bending the hand, these layers can move smoothly without limitations. Absolutely new is the Lycra insert connecting the layers. Being highly stretchable it supports any movement of the hand.


AirVentSystem™ is a technically designed concept that provides maximum ventilation inside the glove. A highly breathable Air Mesh material covering the entire upper hand and/or the sides of the fingers ensures optimum air circulation within the glove.

Catch Control 2.0™

Based on the lines of natural fingerprints of human hands the glove palm gets a special silicone pattern on the fingertips. This print offers additional grip in dry conditions. More profile, more adhesion, more power!

3D Thumb Croth™

This newly invented rolled crotch construction between thumb and index finger avoids any bothering seams in this highly loaded zone of the glove. The backhand base of flexible and breathable mesh material is rolled to the palm which supports an ergonomic fit and high wearing comfort.

Ergonomic Palm Embossing™

Palm embossments following the natural lines of the palm support the hand's natural grasping movement. This provides high flexibility and maximum ball control with unaltered grip qualities.