KEEPERsport Varan6 Pro NC Aqua #ProjectV6

  • Goalkeeper Gloves: KEEPERsport Varan6 Pro NC Aqua #ProjectV6 White
  • Goalkeeper Gloves: KEEPERsport Varan6 Pro NC Aqua #ProjectV6 White - 1
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The #ProjectV6 success continues! This time all in white and with a variety of exciting glove models, like the Varan6 Pro NC Aqua here! 

Selected professional goalkeeper's have been playing and testing with the unique and strictly limited models for some time now. Now you can be part of the very first Varan6! 

Those special models come with their own exclusive serial number, so each model is an unique piece! 

- "Negative Cut" with tight-fitting foam layers of "White Claw" latex and slightly pre-formed fingers in the catching position ensures optimized wearing as well as excellent grip and close contact with the ball 


"4mm Aqua Claw" - A really good feeling of grip, especially in wet conditions. Our special foam offers a sensational grip on every ball, not only when the conditions outside are really bad. Despite its extraordinary resilience in dry conditions, it is not suitable for artificial turf 

- The bandage is made of light, comfortable neoprene, which nevertheless dampens and stabilizes the body 


- The latex strap with a flexible element offers optimal fit and also an individual adjustment to your wrist 

Back Hand: 
- For the backhand and bandage, our new development "STB" is an extremely light, even more comfortable to wear, yet damping and stabilizing material. Due to the continuous neoprene glove body (without a disturbing seam) on the back, the #FinalV5 has become noticeably lighter and more comfortable to wear in wet conditions. Due to its special composition, Soft Tech Body provides a true feel-good climate inside the goalkeeper glove and noticeably reduces the wetness caused by sweating of the hands 

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