KEEPERsport Varan6 Hero Power #ProjectV6

  • Goalkeeper Gloves: KEEPERsport Varan6 Hero Power #ProjectV6 White
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The #ProjectV6 success continues! This time all in white and with a variety of exciting glove models, like the Varan6 Hero Power here! 

Selected professional goalkeeper's have been playing and testing with the unique and strictly limited models for some time now. Now you can be part of the very first Varan6! 

Those special models come with their own exclusive serial number, so each model is an unique piece! 

- Innovative composition of the two popular, tight-fitting cuts (NC and Rollfinger), improved by KEEPERsport in countless tests. Pure grip and wearing comfort in perfection are offered here! The forefinger (inside) and the little finger (outside) are equipped with highly functional foam flaps 
- Latex layers end at the thumb due to an innovative, complete latex flap: no annoying seams, more ball contact 

"4mm White Claw" - proven over the years and the choice of many Ks professionals! A really good feeling of grip, especially in dry conditions, is offered by this abrasion-resistant foam which also convinces in moisture and wet conditions in a remarkable way although it is not specially designed for it 

- Extended latex slip-in system on the palm and embossed neoprene (embossing's) on the back with a small but fine detail, the deep embossed "VARAN" lettering: flexible but still ideal fit due to crosswise embossing's 
- Elastic inserts placed on the wrist to make it much easier to slip in and allow the glove to fit the hand perfectly 
- Innovative entry help is made of embossed latex in V6 design which promises easier entry 

- A novelty in the VARAN history! Never used before - stretchable strap which guarantees a great fit due to the one-and-a-half times wrapping 
- Despite the flexible material, the wide Velcro fastener provides the best stability which can be individually adjusted by a new arrangement on the back of the hand 

Back Hand: 
- Continuous neoprene body which has become even more flexible and lighter due to the absence of a latex-less backhand 
- Ergonomically adapted silicone element set on the extremely important areas (finger and punching zone) promise even more ball control and protection while punching 
- Modern design elements on the annular finger give the goalkeeper gloves the finishing touch 

Print available!

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